Learn the TIPS AND TRICKS to PAINTING great watercolors

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  • How to paint loose in watercolors

  • How to simplify your compositions

  • How to make your paintings stand out

  • How to create interesting textures in your watercolors

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For so long, I have searched for lessons in wet-on-wet watercolor landscapes and could not find anything. Then HOORAY, I discovered you! I feel like I have finally found a way to paint that is me. Thank you for putting out so much in your e-courses.

- Carol

Jean is a great teacher whose explanations are crystal clear. The videos are well-done where you can see exactly what she means. Her accent is lovely. My husband said "I love that lady's voice" as he heard me taking the course. She is inspiring without being emotional. She breaks it all down for you, making it easy to try the techniques that she teaches. And I feel I can now use the techniques she taught on thistle flowers and apply it in a variety of ways in further watercolor work. Highly recommended!

- Betsy

I have been searching for a watercolor teacher whose aesthetic is similar to mine....kind of abstract and loose. Finding Jean Lurssen was truly a gift from the gods! Her explanations, techniques and pacing of the course were perfect and listening to her lovely accent and her calm delivery of the content was mesmerizing! The key element that I will take into my own work is to let the watercolor paint run free. Thank you Jean for sharing your amazing talent and please know how much you have inspired me!!!!

- Holly

I always appreciate Jean's techniques and knowledge. The little tidbits and nuggets of information that she gives away in her videos are invaluable. I have purchased just about all of her courses and She never disappoints. Thank you Jean for being here and teaching even a novice beginner how to truly enjoy the world of watercolor.

- Jeannette

I am a beginning student in watercolor and you have made the medium so accessible. I love your online courses. I enjoy your style and the instructions are so easy to follow. I look forward to more courses.

- Liz

I've been reading a ton of books, watching Youtube videos, and trying out stuff. This was my first course where I actually sat down and followed along. Jean's easy-going thorough teaching method is paced just right for me, and I had success at producing my first frame-able piece. I look forward to taking away what I have learned and expanding on it through trying other things. Thanks Jean.

- Daniel

What a fun course. I admire the loose experimental style of Jean Lurssen's paintings, and some of the ways she creates her effects are presented very clearly in this course. Her style reminds me somewhat of the work of Ann Blockley, whose books I own and enjoy. The books don't provide any direct guidance, though, as this course does. Also, the techniques used here are perfectly suited to render this subject (thistles), but the results will be a bit different for everyone, I'm sure. I will be experimenting with these "loose" methods in future paintings of my own.

- Lavina

I was going to give the course a quick glance and get back to it later, but it was so interesting and good that I went through the whole course. I am very inspired and learned a lot. I am so happy I took this wonderful course on water color painting. The instructor is delightful and really knows her stuff. Thank you!

- Teresa

I like this course which is simple and easy to learn watercolor painting in one hour. Thanks, Jean.

- Huangchun Tseng

I enjoyed this course! I really liked Jean's style. She is easy to listen to, easy to follow, and she has a course structure that is to-the-point yet never left me feeling lost or unsure. There is nothing to be intimidated by here. I also liked Jean's handout in the first lesson - I used it to follow along during the whole course. I learned useful composition techniques that I can see application for even in my drawings outside of the watercolor medium. I highly recommend Jean and her course.

- JayEm Online